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September Weather Report

The first month of fall was another warm one in Muskegon. The month began with 11 days of above normal temperatures. The warmth continued as only 4 days of September had below normal temperatures. 3 of these days were the 24th thru 26th.

At months end the average temperatures was 65.3 degrees, +4.8 from the norm. The monthly high was 89 on the 9th while the lowest reading was 40 on the 25th.

While it was warm there was not a lot of rain with the hot temps. Only 1.86 inches fell, which is 1.66 inches below norms. Rainiest day was the 22nd when .77 inches dropped.

Winds were also below normal at 7.8 knots compared to the 8.1 knot average. Windiest day was the 30th at 16.1 knots with the 8th posting an average wind speed of only 1.9 knots.

South winds were dominant recorded on 14 days. There were 6 days of east wind an unusually high #, and also 6 days of west winds.

Overall September fit well with the National Weather Service’s prediction of, “temperatures on the high side of normal, with rain near to below normal.”

Year to date temperatures in Muskegon are 2.5 degrees above expectations. This is well ahead of last year and 1.1 degrees above 2000.

A look through history shows that October certainly features the variable weathers of fall. On October 8th 1871 2.5 million acres of Michigan burned in fires caused by intense heat. October 14th 1989 saw severe thunderstorms along with tornados. 5 days later in October 1989 parts of Lower Michigan received 6 inches of snow. Unexpected events such as those can occur along with a decline in the high temperatures which typically reaches 55 by 25 October.

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