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Volvo Ocean Race Boats Building

Next week, the Irishman Killian Bushe starts building the two boats with which ABN AMRO will participate in the Volvo Ocean Race. From Monday, one of the hangars of Schaap Shipcare in Lelystad (the Netherlands), will be used for these building works. Bushe was responsible for building the Illbruck, the winning boat in the last Volvo Ocean Race. To build the ABN AMRO boats he will gather an international group of specialists in Lelystad. Several Dutchmen, including five Schaap Shipcare employees will aid this group. In total, twenty people will be involved in building the boat.

The facilities available at Schaap Shipcare provide good conditions for Bushe to build the two boats. The large, light hall, measuring 60 by 35 metres will be fully adapted for the building and finishing/spraying of composite yachts. A special oven, which can heat up to 100 degrees celcius and measuring 30 by 7,5 by 6,5 metres, will be added. This oven is needed for baking the resin that will be used.

ABN AMRO announced its 2-boat participation in the Volvo Ocean Race on 11 March. The race around the world starts in November 2005 in Spain and will finish in the summer of 2006 in Northwest Europe. The Dutchman Roy Heiner is in charge of the sailing part of the project. Juan Kouyoumdjian, from Argentina is responsible for the boat design.

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