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Cheyenne In the Trades

Summary 430 miles Tuesday progress in Trades. Nearly 4-1/2 days ahead of Orange 2002 RTW position. Finish targeted for early next week

A day of consistent NE tradewinds (now beginning to clock towards the East) has propelled Steve Fossett, Cheyenne and their international crew of 12 a further 430 miles N/NW over the past 24 hours (avg 17.91 kts) – not quite directly on course but not far off – with better wind angles ahead as the wind continues to shift towards the E and then SE over the next 36 hours. Distance to the official WSSRC start-finish line at Ouessant is now some 2400 nm. A finish early next week is now a distinct possibility.

Cheyenne’s Round The World Sailing record attempt after 53 full days is almost 4-1/2 days ahead of the equivalent position for Bruno Peyron’s Orange I, with the 2002 ‘phantom’ rival some 1240 miles behind ‘on the water’ at a position just South of the Equator – and history shows Orange I then faced 4 slow days ahead.

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