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Jules Verne Deja Vu

Today’s report from Cheyenne contains this news, “[a] steel bushing holding the front beam to the boat had broken in the middle and worked out halfway on one side.”

This potentially voyage ending problem came just … days after Cheyenne had crossed the equator. Theoretically, it’s the home stretch, the benign Atlantic after the horrifying Southern Ocean. As usual the gap between theory and practice was filled by Murphy’s Law. Once again Cheyenne made repairs at sea and continued. This is their 3rd major repair/strike, but perhaps the maxi cat sails on the 9 lives theory.

This is not dissimilar to what occurred to Orange on the north bound leg of her Jules Verne record. In 2002 a titanium ball that the mast rests on failed, a near disaster for Orange. Orange had to finish her voyage at less than full tilt due to this. According to Steve Fossett, “we would love to pour it on. Instead we are sailing slower and conservatively.”

Perhaps the key to future Jules Verne record success lies in a boat that can race 100% the entire way around the globe.

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