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Pyewackets Record

Pyewacket set a new mono hull record for the Chicago to
Mackinac course measured at 333 miles. Owned by Roy Disney
Pyewacket finished @ 1340 Sunday afternoon, a time of 23.5
hours. This is an average speed of 14.1 knots.

This breaks the record of 25 hours 50 minutes set by Pied
Piper in 1987. It is short of the outright record of 18
hours held by the catamaran Stars and Stripes set in 1998.

The 23.5 hour time will go in the books at the 19th fastest
passage, and the 5th fastest by a monohull. For this
passage Pyewacket receives a Sailing Record Score of 99.45.
Last month Pyewacket set a Bermuda Race record which
received an ‘SRS’ of 72.6.

Pyewacket reached the Manitou Islands in 9 H 50 M. This was
over 8 hours ahead of the next yacht Colt 45 a Santa Cruz
70! To achieve this remarkable run Pyewacket averaged 20.5
knots which is up in Playstation territory. For the
remainder of the course they averaged a more typical 9.6

Contrasts this with the fact that driving time from Chicago
to Empire MI, which is near Sleeping Bear Dunes/The
Manitou’s is figured at 9 H 38 minutes. Granted it’s a 371
mile drive vs. a 202 mile sail, but rarely does a sailboat
achieve parity with an automobile.

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