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June Weather Report

June is the month that marks the half way point of the year and officially ushers in summer. In Muskegon for the first time in two years summer got off to a warm start as June temperatures were 2.1 degrees above normal. This compensated slightly for May be over 5 degrees below normal.

The low came at the middle of the month- 46 on the 18th. The placement of this temperature was fitting. Up to the 18th temperatures were below normal by .7, with 12 of the first 18 days having been below normal. Fittingly the month’s final day saw the high temperature of 88 as the month closes with 12 above normal days in a row as for once the summer solstice truly signified the beginning of warm summer weather!

In addition to above normal temperatures Muskegon received above normal rain. The total was 3.23 inches, .88 above normal. Monday the 3rd with .91 inches narrowly edged Tuesday the 11th as the month’s rainiest day.

Unfortunately for sailors June did not bring above average winds. The average wind speed of 7.8 was .3 below norm. Tuesday the 11th in addition to being rainy was windy as the average wind of 13.6 knots was the best in June. The least windy day was the 21st with an average of 3.3 knots.

The annual Queens Cup race which was sailed the nite of the 28th/morning of the 29th which were days of average wind of only 4 knots. Truly a light air environment.

South was by far the predominant direction, being recorded as such on 15 days- 13 of which were warmer than normal. There were 9 days of west wind 6 of which were colder than normal.

At the half way point of 2002, then Muskegon has an average temperature of 1.9 warmer than normal. This is behind the previous 2 years.

Recent years have seen the second half of the calendar be more balanced between hot and cold. With this trend it might be reasonable to expect temperatures of a more normal level in the years 2nd half.

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