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2002 The Mac is Hunting on the Water

This year the Chicago Mackinac falls 2nd in the order. Boats travel to Chicago for the start from all points including those who already have one Mac sailed and come from Mackinac Island.

The Chicago version of the race is longer, with more marks than the Port Huron one. Still it’s generally 2 nights on the water with any number of factors controlling the outcome.

One boat that would especially like to avoid that 2nd night out is Pyewacket. Based on the West Coast, Pyewacket is not a regular entrant. The boat is here to contest the race and have a shot at the mono hull race record set in 1987.

Pyewacket is a 75-foot Reichel/Pugh design owned by Roy Disney. Early this summer the boat set a Bermuda Race course record. With a towering rig, Pyewacket does not need ideal conditions to break the record.

For others, ambitions may be less grandiose. It could be completing a 1st Mackinac. It could be completing that 25th Mackinac, making you eligible to be an old goat. It maybe another race in your classes (J 105, J35, Farr 40, GL 70′s
etc.) season series- albeit the longest one.

In many ways the Mac is like another Midwest tradition- deer hunting. You meet up with a familiar group of people, for a challenge of varying degree in the outdoors. As always some are more serious hunters than others.

For those who will follow the race there are 2 items of note. One, this site offers free Chicago and Mackinac weather by email

Second many of the boats in the race will have tracking devices onboard. Positions will be taken approximately every 2 hours. This information will be posted on the Chicago Yacht Club’s official race site.

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