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May Weather Report

May will be remembered as a month that might have been. It might have been a nice run up to summer, but it wasn’t. It was by far the coldest month in 2002. From the 8th to the 22nd there was not a single day with above normal temperatures. During this period from the 19th to the 21st new record daily lows of 29,31 and 27 were set. For the month temperatures were -5.1. If there is consolation, it is that neighbors Grand Rapids and Lansing were colder yet.

During the cool stretch on the 20th I versed not all that originally: “Twas the day afore Memorial day and all around the yards it was just .5 above freezing. All the adult children with sailboats said: it’s too cold.

The month did finish with 5 above average days. On the 28th the monthly high of 81 was set. That day the big lake was wind rippled with just a streak of calm or two. The monthly low was 27 on the 21st.

Precipitation for the month was 2.9 inches. This was just slightly below normal by .05 inches.

Typically May sees a decline in wind speed, as warmer weather with lighter winds takes hold. With the cold temps, this May did not see a decline in wind speed. In fact average wind speed was 1.3 knots above average. Windiest day was 23rd with an average of 18 knots. Lightest day was just under a week later at 5.7 knots on the 28th.

South was the most common prevailing wind, felt on 15 days. Cool temperatures were a little more common with south winds 9 days to 6 . It was the second most common wind direction-from the west quadrant- that was a harbinger of cool weather on 10 of 11 days it was felt.

This coolness in May brings the year to date temperature to + 1.82. This puts 2002 at a warmth level below the preceding two years.

The 30 day outlook predicts a normal June for Muskegon. Normal is an average of 66, with a typical high of 76 and low of 55. To make up for the last two cooler than normal June’s perhaps it can rise above the norms and help warm us up from May.

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