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April Weather Report

For the third year in a row April in Muskegon along Lake Michigan’s eastern shore was above normal in temperature. Temperatures ended up +.7 although there was a great deal of variation. This despite only 13 of the 30 days having above normal temperatures. The high for the month was 84 on the 18th.This day along with the 80 recorded on tax day (@ 0645 “near record high it says”) were new daily high temperature records.

Along with temperatures, precipitation also topped the normal April expectations. 4.22 inches of rain fell, 1.31 inches above normal. Biggest rain fall of the month came on Monday the 8th (“rainy, drippy, miserable day”)when 1.06 inches fell. Overall it rained 14 days in April. Twice there were 3 days periods of consecutive rainy days.

The month began with 2 inches of snow. After that no measurable snow. This put Muskgeon .7 inches below the norm for flaky stuff.

Winds averaged 10.8 knots. Windiest day was the 18th when the winds averaged 18.5 knots. Light air day of the month was Tuesday the 23rd (“another literally freezing day”) with a 5 knot average. The 10.8 knot figure left the winds .7 above normal, same figure at the temperature.

Most common wind direction was west seen on days. 9 of these days had below norm temperatures. They were 11 days of south wind with 8 of them being warmer than normal.

With temperatures above normal for the 3rd time in 4 months Muskegon is at + 3.65 for 2002. This warmer than either 2000 or 2001.

Now that daylight savings time and boating season have returned so have near shore marine forecasts. These forecasts include: any gale or storm warnings, expected wind direction and speed rounded to nearest 5 knots, cloud cover, possible precipitation, wave heights and low visibility warnings.

Moving towards summer what might we expect? The National Weather Service expects a normal summer in temperature, rain and days above 90. Number wise an average temperature of 68 with 3 days above 90 and nearly 8 inches of rain. The outlook also states, ” Since we are currently near the peak of the last solar maximum, it is unlikely we will experience a cold summer.”

Of course this is the Muskegon MI that produced a day in April with the following weather: rain, light rain, snow, light snow, sleet and fog. Don’t pack away too much of your wardrobe!

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