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Enjoy Sailing

Among the best ways to enjoy sailing, and to improve your sailing skills, is with a small boat. Small boats allow you to experience different bodies of water without the time involved in sailing a big boat to a destination. Granted, overnight accommodations need different preparations but there are campgrounds, B&B’s, motels, hotels and lots of other options.

Depending on the boat, it could be transported on the top of your car or towed on a trailer. It makes a convenient way to transport extra gear for an extended trip. Set up time is minimal and the job is easy. You can sail in a different body of water each day or, if you find a place that appeals more, you can spend several days in that location. Weekend “cruises” to varying locations are now a reality.

Small boats are great teachers. A little practice in shallow water can be used to teach the right way to get a capsized boat back on its bottom. Then, with the proper PFD donned, you are off to get the feel of a boat. If something dumb is done on a small boat it will be manifest by being dunked in the water. With a little more sailing you will get the feel of the boat. You will learn how to move your weight around in the boat to preclude occasional dips. Small boat experience will translate to big boat knowledge The opposite is not always true. The righting provided by keel ballast forgives many sailing blunders

Regardless the boat or the venue, keep improving your sailing skills, spend time on the water, keep the boat in shape and enjoy sailing.

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