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February Weather Report

February ends winter as meteorologists see it. February also begins spring training as baseball sees it.

The weather in Muskegon was much more spring like than winter like in February ’02. The thermometer averaged 32.4 a difference of 7 degrees above normal. A new record occurred on the 24th when it reached 62. Early in the month on the 2nd, there was the monthly low of 12.

Winter temp. norms in Muskegon are a high of 31 and a low of 19. Defining a winter day then as one where the temperature is below 32 all day, February had only 5 of these including the last 3 of the month.

Along with above average temperatures there was above average precipitation. 1.98 inches of rain fell +.40 from the norm. On Wednesday the 20th over an inch of rain fell.

Snow fall was well below normal. 6.0 inches of snow fell over 11 inches under the norm. Over half the snow came on the 26th and 27th. The month began with 6 inches of the snow on the ground and ended with just an inch of depth.

On the 12th we received .5 inches of our snow. I composed a poem as I observed.

Snow Squall Anatomy Note Poem
1634 Snow squall blowing in from the west.
1636 Snow has ceased
1657 Snow back to falling. Visibility cut down.
1708 Grass covered can’t see across cemetery
1720 Sky brightens snow ends.
Total Time: 46 minutes
Snow Fall .5 inches.

The winds blew steadily in the 28 day month. Only 3 times were the winds below 10 knots with low an average of 6.9 on the 22nd. Windiest day was 21.5 on the 14th. For the month the average wind speed was 13.2 over 3 knots above the typical average of 10.0.

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