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Sailing Fun Packs

Sailing has always been a fun, relaxing sport that families can do together. Many families sail together on local waters and some like to get away to tropical waters for vacation time. Going away from your local waters and chartering a boat in say the Caribbean may require certification. We offer American Sailing Association classes here at Torresen Marine but have often received the question “What about our kids?” or “We want our kids to learn but don’t want them to have to go through the testing for certification.” Well, the answer is finally here in the form of Sailing Fun Packs!

Sailing Fun Packs are designed as a unique way to have one or two skippers become American Sailing Association (ASA) certified as well as meet the needs of family, friends and/or crew who may be interested in a learning experience but not the certification process. The skippers, quite often Dad and Mom, intending on certification will be expected to meet the ASA standards while the rest of the group (family) will be taught on a more personalized level. We base this on age, interest and experience. Those crew-members not working towards certification will receive certificates of participation. Sailing Fun Packs are based on 101/103 or 103/104 class study and certification.

Bring your family and/or bring your racing crew and enjoy some time on the water while gaining knowledge on the great sport of sailing. Visit us at for more details or e-mail Judi Shedd or call 231-759-8596 to check on dates.

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