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Safety Series: Signalling

From the KISSWEP survival list we pull signaling methods. For the mariner there are several including flares, navigation lights and flashlights. This article will take a look at a lower cost, lower tech alternative.

The signal mirror will likely be used only in a relatively extreme situation like being stranded mid lake without gas. None the less it’s effective and experts consider it the best all around signaling device.

While signal mirrors are not always required on boats, some categories of the Offshore Special regulations do require them. Our online ships store offers a signaling mirror for only $ 7.50 .

You can count on a signal mirror being visible for 10 miles, and as much as 50 miles depending on atmospheric conditions. Use of the mirror is simple, basically lining up with the target and then moving the mirror to produce the signal.

For a less than $ 10 investment you can add a mirror to your kit and be ensured you’ll be able to signal help should the need arise.

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