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January Weather Report

Midway through the month I wrote of longing for winter. “I want my fair share of seasonal variation!” I wrote.

I also gave this description, “Rather than freezing cold we’ve had melting warmth.” By months end this depiction held true. There were two stretches where there weren’t any freezing temperatures at all. From the 9th to 14th temps ranged from a high of 47 to low of just 32. Later from the 25th to the 28th the range was from 35 to 51. These two periods can be defined as spells short term non periodic wether imposed on a season.

This all added up to an extremely warm month. Temperatures were 9.1 above normal. The high was 51 on the 27th, the low fittingly 1 on the 1st. Last year in January the low was 2 on the 2nd. Numerologists- what’s the pattern or meaning? Overall this was the third warmest January on record for Muskegon. This was the warmest month in terms of above normal temperature since February of 2000 which was + 8.2. Finally it was nearly doubled January of 2001 which was a warm one at + 4.8. All this for a month that is traditionally the coldest in Muskegon.

The warm temperatures kept off typical winter occurrences like snow. Only 10.9 inches fell over 20 inches below normal snow fall. 60% came on the last two days of the month as those wishing for winter weather in the form of snow and ice got some. The 5 inches of snow

.62 inches of rain fell. This was also down, 1.6 inches below the normal.

Average wind speed was 11.8 knots. This means the winds were 1.2 knots above average. Windiest day was 19.1 on the 8th, least windy day the 1st @ 1.4 knots.

Winds were almost exclusively to the south and west. This likely points to the source of the unusually warm weather. In fact only the last 3 days deviated with winds from the North and East. Perhaps not coincidentally this is when actual winter type weather appeared. By contrast last year there were 7 days of north with north and east breezes which correlates with the cooler weather.

This 3 day month ending period had an average high of 33.6 and an average low of 27.3. This is still well above the norms of 28.8 and 17.7.

January Weather Summary in Words: Driving by the beach. Dark with just white beach break serving to break black color scheme.

Sky is cloudless it’s in the 40′s. Great? I’m discontented at the weather.

As the month ends winter is released out of the ether and balance returns.

February 3rd is the halfway point of winter. We’ll see if February brings some true winter weather such as 31 degree highs, 18 degree lows and 19 inches of snow.

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