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Private Sailing Lessons

Did you know that our sailing school offers Private Lessons in addition to our American Sailing Association Certified classes? Private lessons are typically held on your boat and designed to meet your needs or concerns. 


Following are examples of challenges faced during private lessons over the last couple of years:


One couple had owned a boat for three years and learned to sail on their own.  They never had anyone on the boat with sailing experience and were wondering if they were doing things the right way or if they could do things better.  We found ways to make things easier and made some suggestions of rigging changes also.


Another couple had sailed for quite some time but were having difficulty docking.  They were always in a panic situation and were embarrassed to bring the boat it in when others were around to watch.  We practiced a few ways to provide them with better control.  Now their neighbors are asking them how they make docking look so easy.


A family had a boat that the father and son sailed together. Mom was nervous about the boat tipping and was afraid to go out with them.  Dad didn’t know how to help her to be comfortable.  Private lessons with a certified instructor improved her comfort level.


A few couples had sold their powerboats and bought sailboats thinking sailing would be easy to learn.  They loved the quiet part and also the economic advantages, but had difficulty making the boat go where they wanted.  After a few hours of private lessons they were much more comfortable handling the boat under sail.


A young couple bought a used sailboat on a trailer and needed help raising the mast, launching the boat and learning how to sail.  This was a lot to learn for a one-day private lesson. It took more than one session, but they felt better about the experience and are already talking about getting a bigger boat.


An older couple had sailed for many years on Muskegon Lake. They were planning on going cruising to other Lake Michigan ports.  She was always a part of  “the crew” and was concerned about what to do if her husband fell overboard or was injured.  We practiced man overboard drills with her at the helm and had her practice docking.  She had never done either before and didn’t want to cruise until she could do both with confidence.  After successfully taking their private lesson, they went comfortably on their cruise a couple of weeks later. 


Two friends, each of whom owned their own boat, docked side by side.  Neither had sailed at night and wanted to see what it was like and also learn how to read lights.  We all went out together on one of their boats, sailed out to Lake Michigan and came back after sunset.   They got to appreciate the beauty of night sailing and learned how to find their way in the dark.


These are just a few good reasons for private lessons.  Everyone has there own situations, questions and comfort level to deal with.  We enjoy helping you ease your own personal concerns.  For additional information and to schedule please call Judi Shedd at 231-759-8596 or email


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