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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

As a rigger I split my time between listening to customer’s issues, researching solutions, and installing or modifying current rigging systems . During the inspection stage of a rigging problem one can find many hidden issues. Some systems work better than others do. Some theories work better than others do. Many times we find problems with the original installations.

In this article I want to highlight what I would refer to as the “Upgrade of the Month”. Considering the menagerie of electrical components making their way onto today’s boats, the current electrical draw has evolved into a serious factor. Higher draw equals shorter battery life span. Remember when it was a luxury to have a dim red light on a binnacle compass? Now it is common for instrument packages to insult the cockpit of a B1 bomber. Common boat installations now include: HVAC, various water systems, refrigeration, tank level indicators, autopilots, entertainment center, and a huge array of instrumentation. Most of todays boats will sport electrical systems that invert, convert, and insert, and the list goes on. Add this up on a night voyage and you can see the amp draw that can challenge the largest battery configurations.

In a past article I discussed the technology of LED lighting. Summarized benefits of LED are; 1) durability, 2) power draw less than 30% of incandescent lights, 3) miniaturized fixtures, and 4)resistance to nature’s elements. These are the major benefits that separate LED technology from the friction-fit, incandescent lights of the past.

A great product for replacing your old style running light fixtures are the Aquasignal Series 32 LED Navigation lights. They come in a handy kit of three (stern and twin bow) light. An LED all-round anchor light (AQS32001) and 225 degree masthead steaming light (AQS32401) are also available.

Likewise Lopolight has come on the scene with a large selection of LED fixtures for many different mounting applications. While maintaining the benefits of LED technology their housings are made of machined aluminum housings and are virtually unbreakable as well as elegant. Visit our online ships store or contact John Schumacher at Torresen Marine, Inc. for more information or to discuss this as your LED lighting project.

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