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Chicago Mac Double Handed Info

Chicago Yacht Club announced further details about opportunities for sailors wishing to race double handed in the 2009 Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac. 2009 marks the 101st running of ‘the Mac,’ the world’s longest annual freshwater sailing distance race. The 101st Mac will start off Chicago’s lakefront on Friday, July 17, 2009 and Saturday, July 18, 2009.

Only monohulls will be eligible to race in the new Double Handed Division. Monohulls at least 27 feet LOA will be considered for entry in this division, as will monohulls that are: 1) at least 21 feet LOA; 2) designed and optimized for short handed distance sailing; and 3) have an ORR positive stability index of 110 degrees or greater. All boats competing in the Double Handed Division must comply with the 2009 Mackinac Safety Regulations (“MSR”). The 2009 version of the MSR, which will be published within 30 days, will contain several items applicable only to double handed entrants. This division will be scored using the Offshore Racing Rule (“ORR”), and will start on Saturday, July 18, 2009.

While multihulls are not eligible to compete in the Double Handed Division, they will have the option to sail in a double handed configuration within the Multihull Division. This year, the Multihull Division will require a minimum crew of two, and a minimum LOA of 24 feet. (Multihulls less than 26 feet LOA entered in the 101st Mac must sail in a double handed configuration.) All Multihull Division entrants must meet the requirements of the 2009 MSR for multihulls. Double handed entrants within that division must additionally meet MSR requirements applicable only to double handed sailors. If sufficient multihull double handed entries are received, the Mackinac Committee will create a double-handed section within the Multihull Division. All multihulls will race under the rules of the Great Lakes Multihull Racing Association (“G LMRA”).

Skippers and crews wishing to compete double handed (in either the Double Handed Division or the Multihull Division) must seek approval from the Race’s Selections Committee. In addition to the normal Race prerequisites, double handed applicants must document the following:

· Skipper has completed 1,000 nautical miles of sailing as a skipper of the boat to be entered, or a similar boat design;

· Skipper has completed a non-stop passage or race under sail of not less than 100 nm and not less than 24 hours;

· Crew has completed 1,000 nautical miles of sailing, either as a skipper or crew member sailing on the boat to be entered, or a similar boat design;

· Both skipper and crew have significant racing experience.

These are minimum requirements. Most, if not all, successful applicants will far exceed these requirements, and will be able to demonstrate significant short handed racing experience. The Selections Committee pays especially close attention to the experience portion of each competitor’s profile. Applicants wishing to sail in a double handed configuration must ensure the individual crew profiles are as specific, complete, accurate, and compelling as possible, and fully demonstrate compliance with the MSR requirements applicable to double handed entries. In particular, applicants should include specific information concerning relevant passages.

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