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Speed Seal – For Quick Seawater Pump Impeller Changes

Speed Seal was designed to simplify the removal of water pump covers by eliminating the need for tools.  Most sea water pumps require the use of a screw driver or ratchet to take off the cover plate.  As many of you know, there is usually little physical room for such a job.  The lack of room coupled with the frustrations related to time may be a negative enough experience to keep some sailors from performing the preventative maintenance their engine requires. The Speed Seal was designed to eliminate this frustration.  


Speed Seals cover plates are similar to those installed by your pump’s manufacturer, with a couple of exceptions.  The first difference is the cover plate comes packaged with a set of thumb screws instead of your standard flat/Phillips head versions.  The thumb screw head allows you to quickly release and remove the screws by hand.  The second feature the Speed Seal offers is a slotted plate.  By this, I am referring to the bottom two bolt/screw holes of the plate.  These two holes are not actually holes, but open-ended slots.  With this type of plate you do not have to completely remove the bottom two thumb screws.  With the screws still threaded into your pump you are less likely to drop them into the boat’s bilge.  The slotted plate will also assist you in getting the plate on more rapidly by allowing an exact line up when the bottom screws are left installed or installed prior to the plate.


The Speed Seal plate eliminates the need for a paper gasket.  Those plates that work with an engine formerly employing a paper gasket will now have a built in o-ring along the plates underside.  These particular plates are also machined to fit your pump by imitating the depth of the former gasket, as not to affect the impeller’s rotation.  Pumps that utilized the use of an o-ring prior to the Speed Seal plate would continue to do so.  

Usually Torresen Marine is able to cross reference your marine engine with a Speed Seal.   


If you do not find a cross for your engine listed Torresen Marine will require a few different dimensions from you.  First we will need the plate’s outer dimensions (diameter if a round plate).  We will also require the bolt centers and size. Please also let us know if your pump currently seals via use of an o-ring or a paper gasket.  Unfortunately, if your cover plate is not squared or circular we will not have a Speed Seal match for you.  


Each Speed Seal kit includes the cover plate, a set of thumb screws, and an impeller remover.  In cases where you will need an o-ring to replace an original equipment paper gasket, that will also be included.  Cover plates are constructed of 1/4″ naval brass, while thumb screws of marine grade 316 stainless steel are utilized.  Spare thumb screws and o-rings can also be purchased for replacement.  


Please contact the Parts Department at Torresen Marine for any Speed Seal questions you may have at 231-759-8596 or     

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