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November Weather Report

In addition to the big hot meal that November is famous for, this November goes down as famous for it’s warm weather. Temperatures were 6.6 above normal making this the 2nd warmest November on record for Muskegon. The only topper is 1931 when the temps averaged 47.6.

This near record setting month saw an average of an even 46. High for the month came on the 24th at 62 degrees. The low was reached twice on the 5th and 12th measuring 25.

November was the 2nd warmest month in the last year, trailing February 2000 which was 8.2 above norm. It’s the most above average month of 2001 topping January which was 4.8 above.

This warm month fits in with current trends and reports. October was the warmest ever on a global basis. In the USA it was the 38th warmest on record.

Winds were also above average at 11 knots, .4 above typical. Peak average wind speed was 20.3 knots on the 1st. Most active wind direction was south. 12 of the 16 Southerly days were above norm in warmth. It was such a warm month that all 4 cardinal wind directions checked out with more above norm than below norm days.

The warm weather contributed to a completely snowless November. There was no measurable snow. Typically there is 4.8 inches.

Rain was also down .95 inches below normal with 2.2 inches. Tuesday the 13th was the month’s rain champion with .45 inches.

That day also gave an example of the transitioning weather. At 0830 that morning the temperature was 32 at Muskegon airport. However, at the Muskegon pier heads it was 51! The low for that day was 32, the high 53. Winter and fall temps in the same day, working to make differing temporary micro climates.

In December we’ll move officially into winter. Meteorological fall ended 30 November. Thanks to the warmth of November it ended up + 1.2 about the same as 2000 (+ 1.29).

December will also decide whether 2001 in Muskeogon will be warmer than 2000. Currently through 11 months Muskegon is 1.536 above norm. Last year the figure was 1.539. Then came a -3 degrees December. Before that the last below average December was 1992, so look for a warmer December this year.

Muskegon in December shows an average temperature of 28.5, and 30.7 inches of snow. December 21st will be Winter Solstice and the beginning of Winter on the calendar.

The sun is scheduled to set @ 1801 on the 20th, 1802 the 21st and 22nd. Then 2 days after the solstice an extra minute of day is gained as the sunset moves to 1803. From then on you gain about a minute of extra light per 3 days.

Yet it will grow colder as well as lighter. Another contradiction inherent in nature. This goes to show why rarely can there be a 100% certainty with weather. Last Friday got about as certain as you see with the forecast calling for a 100% chance of rain. If it had read 100% chance of rain 100% of the time we would have had a new record!

For a closer November’s weather observation of the month from 29 November. “Normally interesting. Near freezing with rain. Air is cold, ground is puddled. Although there’s been snow in the UP, we are supposed to continue with rain.”

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