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Good Old Boat Publishes New Galley Book

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like your boat’s galley. Since the magazine was founded 10 years ago, the editors of Good Old Boat have recognized that it takes skill and a sense of humor to produce meals in a cooking space smaller than most shoreside bathrooms. Many of the galleys in the early fiberglass boats lacked amenities such as ovens, adequate stowage space for food and utensils, and coolers that stayed cool for the duration of a weekend cruise.

No oven? No refrigeration? No ice? No problem! From the outset, the magazine began running articles about life without a cooler, baking bread on a stovetop, and pressure cooking. These articles and many more have been collected into a useful volume on a lightweight CD, known as the Good Old Boat Galley Book. The volume is further enhanced by a bonus collection of tips, tricks, and recipes from Corinne Kanter’s ever-popular KISS Cookbook.

Additional topics covered by articles in PDF format on the CD are: drying foods, canning meat, what to do when the salad is gone, harvesting the bounty of the sea (fish and shellfish), making your own yogurt, growing sprouts, how to raise herbs aboard, preserving cheeses on extended voyages, simple bread recipes for small ovens, one-pot meals, solar cooking, conserving water, provisioning, storing and preserving the food you catch or collect, stove fuel alternatives, and the bare necessities if your mini-galley is in an even smaller trailerable boat!

If you are a cruiser or soon will be, many of the subjects covered and recipes contained in the Good Old Boat Galley Book will be highly useful . . . even if your boat’s galley is a well-equipped and modern miracle. This collection of articles also emphasizes the coping skills important for circumnavigators and long-distance cruisers. It’s $19.95 and available from Good Old Boat:

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