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September Weather Report

September is the beginning of fall and of a corresponding temperature decline. 1 September 75 temperatures are the norm. By late September
there is an average 10 degree decline in high readings to 65.

This September that scale accelerated. For the month temperatures were -2.2 from normal. The majority of the high temperatures were from 65-70 (12 days), with 5 days 75 or above. There were nearly as many days below 65 (normals not expected until the 1st of October) as the 70-75 degree normals expected in the first half of September.
High Temperature Distribution Range Normally Expected #
-65 After 1st October 6
65-70 2nd half of September 12
70-75 1st half of September 7
75+ Prior to 1 September 5

The -2.2 degrees was the farthest any month in 2001 has been below normal in temperature. Last September was .13 below norm.

Up to the mid point of the month temperatures were slightly above norm. On Friday the 7th the monthly high of 84 was recorded. The days final month saw the monthly low of 36 as the month closed with a week of below norm temperatures.

At some point this fall the temperatures will pick up and people will comment on ‘Indian Summer’. Every wonder why? During colonial times the Indians migrated from their summer homes along the coast back to inland vallies. During this time colonists felt safe from Indian attack. However, if the weather became atypically nice colonists would feel they could be attacked due to ‘Indian Summer’. Thanks to the Weather Notebook for this.

Just slightly below normal was precipitation at 3.84 inches, only .04 below normal. Rainiest day was Sunday the 23rd with .88 inches.
Direction + normal temp - Norm temp Total
West 3 6 9
South 5 4 9
North 2 6 8
East 2 2 4

The average wind speed was also a just a might off at 8.0, compared to 8.1. Windiest day was the 7th at 15.2 knots, while the final month of the day saw only 2.4 knots of wind.

There was a great variety of winds experienced during September. There were 9 days of South wind, 9 from the west, 8 of north breeze and only 4 days of east wind.

For the year Muskegon is + 1.2 in relation to normal temperatures. Records indicate that typical high temperatures will hit 65 on 1 October, 60 on 13 October and 55 on 25 October.

With the average wind speed typically climbing to 9.2 knots there is still good sailing especially on the sheltered Muskegon Lake waters.

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