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August Weather Report

With the passing of Labor Day the summer over talk has begun. August, perhaps the most popular month for vacation sees people rushing to enjoy a break in nice weather before fall.

Another way of saying that summer is over is that meteorologists consider summer to be June, July and August. Still if you wish to say that it’s still summer you have every right to. Autumnal Equinox is not until 22 September.

In any event August was the last full month of summer in any system used. Temperatures averaged 70.3. This was a positive difference of 1.5 degrees. Peak heat for the month occurred on the 8th and 9th at 89. The low point was a mere 50 on the 14th.

As with the temperatures, August was an above average month for precipitation. 3.73 inches fell, .32 above normal. Three days the 19th, 22nd and 25th had above .5 inches of rain. The 19th was August rain champ with .76 inches.

August was also more windy than normal, averaging 8 knots of wind. Peak wind occurred on the 9th at 13.2 knots. Coincidentally this was also the day most of 20 visiting tall ships had to back into slips at Heritage Landing! Lightest air day of the month was on the 14th at 4.9 knots. In another Tall Ship related situation the Highlander Sea sat at anchor in Muskegon Lake after having sprung a plank sailing north.

Winds were mostly from the South (10 days) or West (14 days). The first 21 days featured either south or west winds, with the 22nd having wind out of the SE.

The warmth of August was not enough to bring the meteorological summer of 2001 above norm. Temperatures finished down -.2 degrees, with precipitation down .07 inches.

To date 2001 in Muskegon temperatures are 1.7 degrees above normal. August of 2000 was .3 degrees above norm.

Looking ahead September in Muskegon averages 61.4. The normal high declines from 75 on 31 August to 70 on 18 September. September typically sees an upswing in wind strength with a historical average of 8.1 knots leading to a peak of 10.6 in November.

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