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Six Ports Trip Part IV

Six Ports Part

This week we take a hypothetical voyage on the historic S.S. Badger to it’s home port in Michigan. Ludington has been a car ferry port for many years. Ferry boats have been visiting Ludington since 1897. After a brief gap in service, since 1992 Ludington has been Lake Michigan’s premier ferry port.

badger docking3_small.jpg

Badger docks in Ludington

Ludington’s maritime attractions inlcude the Badger, Ludington’s uniquely shaped lighthouse and Big Sable Lighthouse to the north.

sable 3rd order.jpg

Big Sable’s 3rd order Frensel Lenes

In 2003 the Badger celebrated it’s 50th anniversary. It’s easy to view the Badger as she docks and undocks. You can watch passengers load, cars be driven on and off the boat close up.

The pierhead light is distinctly shaped. It has a four sided structure that perhaps resembles the bow of a ship. It was desinged this way to disperse wave action and save wear and tear on the structure.

lud lt3.jpg

Ludington Light

To the north in Ludington State park is Big Sable lighthouse which has been showing it’s fixed white light since 1867. From May to October volunteer keepers who say on site provide tours of the tower and the original keepers quarters.


Big Sable Light Station

White Pine Village a historic musuem south of Ludington has the original glass Frensel Lenses from both Big Sable and Ludington lights. There are also exhibits on other aspects of Ludington’s maritime history.


The original lenes from Ludington’s lighthouse

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