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Batteries Part IV: Installation and Accessories

Once you’ve done things like determined whether you want a house or starting battery, lead acid or gel, and how much load you need to power you’ll be ready to install batteries.

The ideal installation immobilizes batteries. This cuts down the possibility of acid spillage or connections loosened through movement. To achieve this start with a battery box. Then a strap will secure the battery and box in place. Don’t be cheap on fastening these straps! Use good stainless fasteners.

You’ll also want to make certain the cables that attach to your battery are appropriate. Check that the amperage load of your batteries does not exceed that of the cable. Remember in wire size a smaller gauge number such as 2 gauge, will handle more current than a bigger number.

Another area to check is terminals. Standard terminals are lead. Then you move up to tinned terminals which help resist corrosion. The top level for terminals is gold. Just as gold connectors give your audio and video system better performance, gold terminals are the best at conducting current to your batteries.

You should also make certain your battery terminals are capped. Plastic caps are available to prevent accidental short circuits.

Batteries should also be tested periodically. At Torresen Marine we remove 100′s of batteries from boats at haul out. They are then tested with a load tester to see if they are still capable of handling their specified load. If they don’t pass the test the advice is to replace them. Additionally batteries must be properly charged when they are not on the boat.

The on board electrical system is becoming increasingly complex. Items such as inverters, chargers, combiners, isolators, regulators and more can be added.

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