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Why Use Non-Toxic Antifreeze for Winterization?

If you are in an area where you need to winterize the systems on your boat, it is important that you select the proper antifreeze. For the internal water on your fresh-water-cooled engine, use ethylene glycol. This comes in many brands and has additives to reduce corrosion, lubricate pumps and enhance heat transfer, among other things.For everything else, including the seawater side of your fresh-water-cooled engine or the complete winterization of a sea-water-cooled engine, use propylene glycol (RV-MARINE) – usually pink.

This antifreeze will be thrown away come spring. If it is in your engine, it will be pumped overboard and not affect the environment. Same with the head; If it is in the water system, it won’t harm you if it is not completely purged prior to refilling your tanks with drinking water. (No comment on taste)These are common sense tips for those of us who care about our health and the environment. Past abuse has led to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, which prohibits discharge of hazardous substances into the navigable waters of the United States.

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