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July Weather Report

Towards the end of the month there was lots of talk about heat. How about that heat? Today’s heat index will be typically a 3 digit number.

Despite all the sentiment for heat, July was not a warm month. The 7th month ended up with an average temperature of 64.9 which is -.9 degrees from the norm.

The high temperature of 89 came on the 8th. The low was earlier in the month, 39 on the 2nd.

Still the 15th through the 23rd and the 29th through the 31st all had high temperatures in the 80′s. You combine this with high humidity and you get unpleasant weather.

To gage the actual affect of the combined temperature and humidity there are a couple of methods. One is the heat index, the summer counterpart to the winter wind chill concept. The heat index combines the temperature and humidity. You can find a heat index chart at The advantage of this method is that you need only air temperature and humidity to calculate a result. This method was developed by the National Weather Service.

The other heat affect calculating methods is the real feel temperature. This combines temperature, wind, humidity, sun intensity, clouds, precipitation and elevation to come up with a calculation of the temperature.

At 1300 on the 2nd of August Muskegon has 73 temperature, overcast skies, it had rained earlier, and there was a moderate west wind. The Accuweather site gave these conditions a real feel temperature of 82. The heat index scale does not begin until the temperature reaches 80 so in this case does not apply. However, if the temperature would reach 80 and the humidity stayed at it’s present 87%, the head index would be 95.

In other aspects of weather Muskegon was also below average in July. 1.66 inches of rain fell, .44 below normal. Biggest day for rain was Saturday the 23rd when .44 inches fell.

The average wind speed was 7 knots, below the 7.7 knot average. Windiest day was the 1st at 13.4. A week later came the bottom end for wind in July with an average of 3.5 knots.

South and west were the predominant directions. There were 11 days of south winds (6 with above average warmth) and 13 days of west winds. 7 of these days had above normal temperatures. There were 3 days of east winds and 4 days with north winds.

This is the second straight July to be below normal in temperature. For the year Muskegon temperatures are 1.9 degrees hotter than normal. Last year through July temperatures were + 1.8.

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