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Winners Crowned at U.S. Sailing Championships

San Diego, Calif. (September 16, 2007) – After four days of racing, winners were crowned at US SAILING’s U.S. Men’s Sailing Championship for the Clifford D. Mallory Cup and U.S. Women’s Sailing Championship for the Mrs. Charles Francis Adams Cup, hosted September 11-15 by the Southwestern Yacht Club (San Diego, Calif.). Local San Diego sailors Brian Camet, Daniel Camet, and Alex Camet captured the Mallory Cup, and
Lake Michigan skipper Elizabeth Altman (Chicago, Ill.) racing with Nancy Heffernan (St. Louis, Mo.) Vickie Matthews (Chicago, Ill.) and Marie Hansson (Chicago, Ill.) won the Adams Cup. Competitors from throughout the U.S.—who qualified via regional ladder elimination events, or were selected by resume—raced Etchells at both events, sponsored by Rolex Watch U.S.A. and Dry Creek Vineyard.

For Mallory Cup winner Brian Camet, racing with his father and brother as crew, consistency paid—as well as a family ethos to simply “have fun,” said Camet after racing’s end. The Camet family, sailing for San Diego Yacht Club, never finished worse than a fourth place in this no-discard series to log a large 15-point edge over the second-place boat in the final standings. The Camets did not need to sail the final race to capture the title.

Lake Michigan sailor Jane Pegel won this national title 50 years ago, but no Lake Michigan sailor had yet to follow in her footsteps—until Betsy Altman and her crew logged their victory yesterday. Altman skippered a series that included wins in seven individual races for a 10-point lead in the final standings. This Chicago Yacht Club crew did not have to sail the final race to capture the title, an achievement that Altman attributed to her crew at series’ end.

Second-place team Kaitlin Storck, Melissa Pumphrey (both of Medford, Mass.), Lyndsey Gibbons-Neff (Rosemont, Penn.) and Gretchen Curtis (Marblehead, Mass.) received the Mrs. Willis D. Wood Trophy. The Alexander Gest trophy went to the third-place team of Colleen Cooke, Patricia Bazan and Summer Greene (all of San Diego, Calif.), who represented the host yacht club at the championship.

In second place for the U.S. Men’s Championship was the second San Diego Yacht Club team of Chris Busch (Coronado, Calif.), Bill Bennett, and Mike Herlihy (both of San Diego, Calif.). Defending champion Scott Young, John Morran (both Austin, Texas) and Matt Romberg (Round Rock, Texas) were awarded third place, as well as the Stanton J. Peele, Jr. Sportsmanship Trophy.

The Francis McElwain Wakeman Sportsmanship Award was awarded to Chicago skipper Nicole Didyk and her crew. The team had hit the pin at the finish of the third race and re-rounded, but the Race Committee did not see the incident and awarded them their original finish of fourth. In true Corinthian spirit, Didyk approached the Race Committee and had her finish redressed.

The Royal Victoria Yacht Club Seamanship Award was granted to event chairs Sandra Sherman and Ian Trotter, for exhibiting the best seamanship during this championship regatta.

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