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2007 Sailing Season Update

For many Midwest sailors the 2007 season is a quarter over. They did not wait for the Spring Solstice to get started on this season’s activities. Some racers went south for the midwinter regattas and for the premier events such as Key West Race Week and the Miami Rolex Trophy races.

Hundreds of iceboaters remained in the north and drove to such exotic destinations as Ghost Lake Montana, North Central Minnesota, and Moss Lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The longest recorded drive was 32 hours each way. Often there was no sailing by the time everyone arrived. The good news is that the finest piece of black ice of the past 20 years was discovered on Green Bay and in the blink of eye, three regattas were scheduled for this area on the same weekend. The Northwestern fleet (50 boats) included monster stern steerers, Skeeters, Renagades and a mixture of smaller classes. The Nite class (35 boats) held their championships there and as did the DN class (140 boats). There was enough room for all. For coverage and some great photos of this event check out

Overall the sport of sailing is doing a better job of publicizing its events. Results are being provided on a real time basis. Text messages and photos from cell phones are being transmitted right from the rail. Key West and Miami coverage also included on the water videos from Jobson Sailing which were available minutes after the completion of the race. One video was especially impacting as it followed the progress of one boat. The boat worked its way from the first race where it finished deep in its class, through to the following races, improving each race until it eventually won its class. It played out just like a movie.

The coverage also excelled with the DN Gold Cup and North American Championships. Check out the video coverage on You Tube © and the link through

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