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Sailing School for Sailors

You have sailed for years, perhaps raced your own or as crew on other boats, and are confident of your abilities. Why should you think about attending a sailing school such as the one here at Torresen Marine? There are at least four good reasons why you should consider checking out our American Sailing Association &quotSchool of the Year&quot.

In lieu of course work which could cover much of what you already know, we offer the opportunity to challenge our American Sailing Association (ASA) standards. This entails demonstrating your sailing skills on the water, your boat or ours, and then passing our written exam(s). In half-a-day you can be certified as both a basic sailor and a coastal cruiser sailor. You can then challenge higher standards if you wish. These internationally recognized sailing standards enable you to demonstrate to the charter companies that you are a sailor of proven proficiency.

Another reason for considering sailing school certification is the fact that many insurance companies give discounts to those who have demonstrated their abilities by means of recognized standards. After a few years of such savings your initial cost of certification could be covered.

An additional reason to consider attending our sailing school is to encourage your sailing partner to take one or more of our courses. While you are challenging our standards, your sailing buddy is learning from our experienced instructors, aspects of sailing to make the activity more enjoyable for both of you. By sailing together you can enhance your ability to function as a team. Then, when you say &quotLets go for a sail today&quot, you do not get as a response &quotI can’t, I have to clean the bathroom&quot.

A fourth reason is the personal satisfaction you get from the framed certificates on your wall which demonstrate for all to see that you are not only a sailor, but an American Sailing Association certified sailor.

Give Judi Shedd a call at 231-759-8596, e-mail Judi, or register on-line at and schedule some time with us here at Torresen Sailing School.

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