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Spring’s Almost Here!

How exciting! I just checked my calendar and spring's almost here!

What? Spring's almost here? How can that be? It seems that we're still recovering from endless holiday gatherings, we are shoveling every day and the only sailing happening within hundreds of miles is being done by iceboaters wearing helmets and track spikes.

Well maybe it's still a ways off, but here in the Torresen Marine service department we're preparing like spring is just around the corner. The TMI service staff is here scheduling, making repairs and discussing projects every day. One of our main objectives is preparing an accurate spring service schedule, but this can only be done if we know what has to be scheduled. All too often we receive an onslaught of calls only weeks before the sailing season starts requesting what becomes an almost insurmountable amount of service orders. This spring &quotrush&quot is what sometimes overloads the service schedule and ultimately results in jobs being delayed, sometimes into our already short sailing season.

The best way for you to avoid the &quotrush&quot is to get your service requests in as early as possible. Not only does this significantly increase your chances of getting your work done on time; it allows us a better opportunity to give your boat the attention it deserves. The service department is staffed all winter and our technicians are available to help you answer any questions you may have. The chances are that if we schedule your work now, you'll be ready to go sailing as soon the warm temperatures return.

So don't wait, get your spring maintenance list figured out today. Contact the TMI service department and let us get your boat ready for the upcoming season.

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