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2007 NOSA Painting Unveiling

Newport Beach, Calif.— December 8th was the official unveiling of this year’s NOSA Newport to Ensenada painting. Carole Boller, the artist, was kind enough to share her gallery with NOSA Commodore, David Garcia and NOSA race supporters to view Ms. Boller’s latest work as well as some of her other paintings.

David Garcia worked closely with Carole over the past few weeks from the time he took photos, videos and photo CD’s to her for viewing; followed by pencil drawings; then on to canvas to develop the final painting. Commodore Garcia spent a lot of time discussing his vision for the painting with Carole, and she truly developed a painting to what he envisioned. Commodore Garcia wanted it to be different from anything NOSA has had in recent years. This being our 60th year, Garcia wanted the painting to tell the story of the race in a way that the racers could view it and identify it as true to life experiences and events that they live during the race. Carole has done a tremendous job of bringing this to life in her work.

NOSA Commodore, David Garcia with artist Carole Boller

In anticipation of unveiling of this year’s official Newport to Ensenada

When you see the painting it begins by depicting the coastline from the Newport Harbor down to the Ensenada Harbor. The story begins with the exciting race, showing boats racing down the course while in the background you see the multitude of boats still waiting to start behind the start marks. Then it wanders down to a beautiful scene of the sunset with boats spread throughout the ocean. It then wanders further down to a scene of the ocean lit by moonlight as the race progresses through the night. In the evening clouds is the Wind God that all nighttime sailors are praying to bring the wind needed to sail through the night. And finally, in full daylight you see what the race is all about, the Finish Line with the familiar yellow marks just outside the Ensenada Harbor which includes the familiar massive Mexican Flag.

“It is a beautiful painting that I’m sure will look great on the cover of the magazine, the shirts and especially on the backdrop of the stage in Ensenada.” says Commodore Garcia.

“Thank you all for attending the unveiling on December 8th and thank you to Mary Longpre and Bronny Daniels for taking pictures that evening.”

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