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City Crushes Boy’s Sailing Dream

David Newton of Sarasota, Florida bought a 1971 22 foot Venture for his son William about a year ago. The fixer upper was a birthday present for the 15 year old. The Newtons knew the 22-foot, 1971 Venture needed work, but planned on fixing it up in time to adorn it with Christmas lights, dock it in the water and watch a holiday boat parade from its deck.

Those plans hit a snag when David Newton was hospitalized twice for complications with his diabetes, limiting the time he and his son could work on the boat.

Then last week the Newtons found out they not only lost their chance to watch today’s parade from the boat, but lost the boat itself, which was destroyed by police after they determined it to be a derelict vessel.

The boat was tagged with a bright orange sticker on Nov. 20 because it had no engine, sail or means of working, a police report states. It was destroyed on Nov. 29.

According to city code, the owner of any boat considered derelict has five days to contact the police after it has been tagged and, if they don’t, the boat is crushed and the remains are taken to the city landfill.

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