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The Rig Inspection

In recent years Torresen Marine has developed a comprehensive Rig Inspection Program. This five-page document tells the customer what an experienced rigging technician is looking for and has found. The comments related to specific areas will generally have enough details, including estimated pricing, for owners to discuss and make repair decisions with Torresen Marine. Reference to rig inspections will be found as a line item on our haul out form. In the end the report will categorize and prioritize the issues related to your boats rigging health. Not only does this report teach boaters about the different rigging systems; it helps them plan for necessary repairs that need to be done by the boat yard.

Because scheduling plays such an important part in the marine business, it is our goal to get the customer this information before the winter months. This allows for project discussions and development that can balance the workload of the boat yard. Likewise, this allows for sufficient time to deliver great service, products, and results to the customer. Following this plan and its timing will also alleviate much of the launch season pressure associated with the mix of service orders, dead lines, and the heavy launch schedule.

Find an example of a rig report at
Please contact John Schumacher at Torresen Marine Inc. Service Department to find out more about this service and its benefits.

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