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Hawaii State Rep Offers Hope for Transpac Row

The Hawaii State Representative for the 23rd District that includes the Ala Wai harbor in Waikiki has offered the first ray of hope that Transpac Row may be restored for the 44th race in 2007.

Anne Stevens told Latitude 38 Magazine that she expects F Dock where all finishers traditionally lined up side by side to be restored from its current condemned condition in time for the race.

“I can’t guarantee it,” Stevens was quoted, “but there shouldn’t be any reason why the Transpac Row docks won’t be in place for the end of next year’s race.”

For decades an aloha community atmosphere abounded when race boats occupied slips in order of their finishes, from the inner end of the channel to the outer end near the Hawaii Yacht Club.

When those deteriorating dock spaces were condemned by the state of Hawaii before the 2005 race, boats were scattered around the basin to tie up at the Hawaii and Waikiki Yacht Clubs and on a narrow temporary dock arranged by the latter.

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