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Inventory Resources- Tools

This is part of a series of articles on the subject of sailing safety. The articles will attempt to combine different ideas on safety from sources such as the Red Cross, personal experience, computer programming and other outdoor pursuits.

Inventorying resources is one of the first of the KISSWEP survival steps. One of the goals of these articles is to avoid survial situations. Taking a look at your tool situation ahead of time can be a big help. Anyone who has rounded a bolt with a pair of pliers should have already learned this lesson!

One way to handle your tool check is to break down different systems and situations. For instance look at your engine. You may have purchased an onboard spares kit with filters, impellers etc. However, without certain tools this kit might not be of any help.

Do you have a big pair of channel locks or a filter wrench for the oil filter? Do you have appropriate size sockets for adjusting belts, changing fuel filters etc.? If not you won’t be able to do the minor things let alone the major things.

An example of a major thing is a dismasting. For instance all categories of all the Offshore regulations require and “effective means to quickly disconnect or sever the standing rigging from the hull shall be provided.” Often times a pair of bolt cutters are carried to affect this.

An inventory of tools on board and tools needed can be a part of making your plan and avoiding a survial situation.

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