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The Year In Records

Recently received is the annual list of sailing speed acheived broken. The list covers a period up to November 2003.

During that period 17 record attempts were successful, while 11 were not. The trimaran Geronimo was particularly unsuccessful. During this period they made an unsuccessful attempt at the Jules Verne around the world record, and 3 unsuccessful attempts at the Round Great Britain and Ireland record.

The race class cat Orange/Kingfisher 2 made one unsuccessful attempt under each name. Orange missed the Around Britain and Ireland record in August of 2002, and then dismasted as Kingfisher 2 while on a Jules Verne attempt.

As usual Steve Fossett has a record setting year. In October of 2002 they took the Around Britain and Ireland record, and in February of this year set the Cadiz to San Salvador Discovery Route Record.

Another Race Class cat Maiden II shows up on the list with the Cowes to Dinard English Channel mark.

Finally two of the longer records are Tony Gooch on Taonui who received a performance certificate for sailing round the world Victoria BC and return in 176 days and the trimaran Great American II which set a Hong Kong to New York mark of 72 days.

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