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Mainsail Handling

Since the development of the headsail handling system the mainsail has become easier to use than ever. Both the main and the genoa can be deployed and handled with safety and confidence from the cockpit. Whether it’s the ease of hoist or the convenience of storage, two mainsail handling products come to mind: the Harken Battcar System and the Forespar Leisure Furl and Coastal in-boom furlers.

If it’s raising and lowering the sail that is giving you fits I urge you to check out the Battcar systems from Harken. Used in conjunction with Harken’s Lazy Jacks, this product makes handling the main much easier. With an anodized track installed on the mast, the Battcars travel up and down with relative ease. The mainsail is attached to Battcars that either ride on captive bearings or a low friction plastic insert, depending on which cars are selected for your project. The Battcar is adapted nicely to the full battens of the modern mainsail. Typical of Harken, the fit and finish are great. View this product at

For a more elaborate mainsail handling system with the latest developments in storage check out the “in-boom” furling main. As with the roller furling genoa, the main can be rolled onto a mandrel that retracts the sail into the boom. Full battens are easily rolled in-line with the boom. A sail cover is incorporated in the boom itself and merely slides forward covering the stored sail with a tug of a line. This system works well and allows reefing of the main safely from the cockpit. Boom retrofit projects like this are becoming more popular and even stock items on a handful of new boats. Check out this product at

With these two new products, sailing a balanced boat with both main and genoa has become more convenient and safer for short-handed crews. For more information or an estimate on either of these systems contact John at the Torresen Marine Service Department.

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