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Motherly Advice Dictates, “Make Sure You Have A Spare Pair of…

…filters, or belts, or zincs. “You never know when you may need them.”

If your mother was/is anything like mine, you have heard the importance of preparedness…repeatedly. And I concede, she is right. You never know what the future will bring, making preparation a necessity. Like that spare pair of johns in the glove box waiting for misfortune, spare engines parts can save you from an embarrassing situation.
The Torresen Marine staff has taken countless calls from stranded sailors in need of engine spare parts. At times those calls are for major engine components that have failed unexpectedly, not common spares. But, often times the customer will require a belt, or an impeller, or any number of engine parts that are considered a general maintenance spare. Although we love to provide the ailing sailor with these maintenance parts, it is easier and less stressful for both parties when preparation is attended to ahead of time. The customer is, therefore, not at the mercy of the marina’s stock or shipping time frames and costs.
A fantastic way to carry spares is via the purchase of a spare parts kit. Generally there are two parts kit variations, a minor and major. Anyone looking at an extended cruise should carry a major kit. The remaining vessels should carry the minor. The lists below give a general idea of what the kits contain.

Minor/ “A” Sized Parts Kits

 Oil Filter
 Fuel Filter
 Air Filter
 V-Belt/s
 Zinc
 Impeller & Gasket

Major / “B” Sized Parts Kits

 The Minor / “A” Kit plus
 Water Pump Assembly
 Injector
 Service Manual

Yanmar, Universal and Westerbeke all provide variations on these pre-packaged spares to accommodate your needs. Volvo engines also offer a variety of spare kits. Torresen Marine carries a full line of spare parts kits and general spares for each of the aforementioned manufacturers. To view and purchase parts and spares please visit Marine Diesel Direct or via telephone at 231-759-8596.

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