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Why Use A Surveyor?

An aspect of boat buying and selling that comes up during most boat deals is having a current boat survey. Just as it is smart to have a home appraised before you buy, having your new/used boat inspected is a handy tool. It is a must when financing or insurance is required. Torresen Marine Sailboat Brokers have good working relationships with several surveyors in the area.

The surveyor will help you fine tune the value of the boat, note needed repairs, determine which deficiencies should have priority in repairing, and what conditions might be common in that style and age of boat.

The prepurchase condition and valuation survey is what prospective buyers normally order, usually as a condition of the sale. All accessible areas of the boat and marine systems will be inspected, including hull, deck, propulsion systems, electrical, plumbing, and navigation systems. A comprehensive written report and an appraisal of the fair market value of the boat will be provided. The cost of a survey is generally in the $12.00 to $14.00 per lineal foot range. Corrosion analysis, spectrometric oil analysis, or sea trials will have an additional charge.

More and more frequently we find that well prepared sellers are offering a current survey, from a qualified surveyor, to assist the buyer when he is making his selection. This survey may satisfy your lender and insurer but this will depend on how current the survey is. Check this out ahead of time to see what they might require.

Contact the Torresen Marine Brokerage Department for a list of surveyors near you. We can assist in setting up the survey arrangements, schedule the haul out/launch and assist in any concerns that may arise.

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