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April Weather Report

The most notable figure when tallying up totals and averages for Muskegon is the precipitation number. 4.37 inches of rain fell making it’s Muskegon’s 10th wettest April. 60% of this total was received in one day the 11th. Near sundown a thunder and lightning storm and show rolled through. The rain was hard, water stood on streets, visibility was reduced. It didn’t last long, but made a large contribution to a notable rainfall month.

Along with above average precipitation Muskegon’s temperatures were also warmer than Norma. The average was 49.5, 4.5 above normal. This was the 5th warmest April on record. The month closed out on a hot note hitting 80 on the 30th. Lowest temperature of the month was 23 on the 2nd.

The winds also blew stronger than normal at 11.6 knots, 1.5 above average. On the 7th of April wind’s averaged 21.1 knots. A large low pressure in the plains brought the southerly wind to Muskegon. It’s central pressure was 988 MB. In Muskegon the pressure was 1012 MB a wind producing 24 millibar difference. On the 12th the month’s peak average wind occurred- 22.3 knots. Again air pressure was low 987 millibars. Things were wicked and windy outside. Rollers and whitecaps on Lake Michigan, wind waves on Muskegon Lake.

The most common wind direction was SSW. This was recorded 7 times. The week’s worth of days all had above average temperatures. This makes SSW winds 23.3% of the time well above normal. Historically the most common winds have been WNW. There was only 1 day of WNW wind in April 2001.

Snow-wise Muskegonites were fortunate. No measurable snow fell, as compared to the 2.8 inches that normally falls.

April now ranks as the 2nd warmest month in 2001. April’s 4.5 is topped by January’s + 4.8.

Looking to May temperatures should rise while wind speed should decline. For certain more people will be outside in the weather.

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