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In Full Flight

All six boats racing in leg four of the Volvo Ocean Race have satisfied the first ice waypoint, and are in full flight towards the western end of the second ice way point, 188 nautical miles to the east of the fleet. Then they can dive south again and take the Great Circle route to Cape Horn. This course will take them back to around 55 degrees south.

Brasil 1 (Torben Grael) whose strategy to cross the ice waypoint for so long looked like a winning one, has a deficit of over 150 nautical miles to make up, but the Brazilian team has clocked the highest 24 hour run in the fleet, averaging 19.6 knots during the past 24 hour period, 2.5 knots faster than any other boat in the fleet.

There is huge disappointment onboard the second Dutch boat today as they trail the fleet by 224 nautical miles in a position they are unaccustomed to. But the young guns, who have had such good results until this point, will come back fighting. Their speed is up and they are now the fastest boat in the fleet.

“Any feelings of frustration over our position have been replaced with a fire in my belly and an overwhelming desire to kick some ass. From here on in we are going to fight our way back into the race, wave by wave, gust by gust until the negative numbers on the scheds turn positive,” wrote navigator Simon Fisher last night.

Meanwhile, the first three boats are well in touch with each other and only 26 nautical miles separating them. Ericsson Racing Team (Neal McDonald) is further back, 80 nm from ABN AMRO ONE, but averaging nearly a knot faster in speed than second placed Pirates of the Caribbean (Paul Cayard).

Movistar, in a solid third place is also sailing quicker than the Pirates and is only five miles behind them.

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