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The Broker’s Role In Purchasing A Sailboat

Last month we examined the role of the broker when assisting in the sale of your sailboat.

What kind of help can a broker offer to the sailboat buyer?

Whether a first time boat buyer, or a buyer with changing interests, you may have difficulty pinning down your specific needs. With knowledge and experience, the Torresen Marine Sailboat Brokerage Department is qualified to assist you in determining what will meet your requirements and the best time to buy. Listed below are some ways we offer our support while negotiating the purchase of a vessel.

1. Focus: Several factors may effect your selection. Will you use the boat for racing or pleasure, where will you use the boat, how many people will be involved, and what kind of boats are popular in your area? Consider the style of the boat. Should it be traditional or contemporary? Suit the boat to your own personal style and taste. Price of the boat should not be the whole factor. Quite often the more expensive boat will resell quicker, with less depreciation.

2. Pre-Purchase Boat Research: If you are looking at a particular boat, we can help you decide if this is the right boat for you at this time. We will provide the boatís current survey if available, history and condition. We can also give insight to the motivation of the seller, prior to your spending time with research or inspection of the boat. A Torresen Marine broker can give accurate market value for boats of this style and can also research what selling prices have been on similar models. We can also let you know if there are other boats of this type available.

3. Concluding the Deal: When you place an offer on a boat, the Torresen Marine broker can improve your chances of acceptance in several ways. We will help prepare an offer with a realistic price, with terms that the seller and buyer can agree on. Torresen Marine will hold a good faith deposit, demonstrating to the seller that this is an earnest offer. We use our position as a middleman to keep the negotiations between buyer and seller moving to a successful conclusion.

4. After the Sale: The Torresen Marine broker can lead you in the right direction for many things you may not have originally considered such as: insurance, docking, mooring, storage and possibly sailing lessons. We can provide an orientation sail to help familiarize you with your new boat. Our experience on local waters can help you plan local or distant trips. We also have many sailing contacts and can put you in touch with different sailing clubs, for races or rendezvousí.

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