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This is the time of year that some of us begin to thirst for any news pertaining to yachting gear. All of my industry sources are keeping their cards close to their chests just waiting for the February boat shows. This is the first article in a series relative to new products.

How about discussing an intangible product for starters? As we are well into the information age, web sites are popping up everywhere. Sometimes it really is too much information for one to process. This very article is part of the Torresen Marine E-newsletter. Information on sailing hardware, sailing events, new boats, used boats; you’ll find it here or be able to request specific information. Visit Torresen Marine’s web site and view this newsletter by clicking the prompt in the e-mail section.

Today I saw a newsletter from our friends at Harken with product specific advice. Harken blasted themselves onto the marine hardware scene with Peter Harkenís great idea of putting bearings in the blocks we use on our boats thus allowing one to better ease a sheet. Appropriately, they named their newsletter Ebearings. You can find it by e-mailing Harken.

Fresh on the scene is Destination One Design. How do you describe this site other than just using its name? This is a nice site from our friends at Quantum. You can find it at Destination One Design.

Whatever the information need there is bound to be a source. With a little effort one can find a wealth of knowledge to help the mariner with decision-making processes. All of the products are available at Torresen Marine. Our crew is available to help you with all your sailboat needs from questions to product to servicing your boat online as well as in person.

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