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New On-line Store = Easy Shopping

The Torresen Marine on-line Shipís Store has a new face. Our Internet department has been working diligently the past few months to get the up-to-date site in order and running. The new store is intended to make the on line reference and shopping process a more user friendly and efficient experience.

As local customers you may not have visited the site in the past. We suggest you do, as the store contains more than 180,000 products, in 1200+ categories, by 350+ manufacturers. Our physical Shipís Store is large, but the capacity of the on line store is much greater in scope.

Product searching has been made easier with several options. Word and part number searches exist as before. We also utilize the navigation path via categories search. This form of searching tends to be over looked, when often times it is the most efficient search available.

The newest feature we are excited to utilize is the customer account record. As a customer you are asked to sign and log into the site with your email address. At this time you will set up a password. Your email address and password fabricate an account that your future orders will be linked into. These orders, along with your physical address and phone number, are stored, making future ordering and past order referencing quicker and more efficient. This new account record will also allow you to track your order from the Torresen Marine site.

With any new implementation, continual updating and service is a must. As you utilize the new store we invite you to offer up suggestions via our customer service link. Our goal is to make the site as easy to use as possible and we need your input.

Over the next year the Torresen Marine Internet department will be updating some of our other web site links too. These updates are intended to simplify and organize the site for a more efficient experience. With that in mind take a look at the new Shipís Store today. Browse the site and tell us what you think. If you donít find a product you are looking for drop us an email, call us at 231-759-8596 or stop in our ships store. We will look into availability for you. We look forward to your responses.

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