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Heavy Hitters Recruited for Southern Ocean

December 31, 2005, Cape Town, South Africa – There are some noticeable crew changes as the clock ticks down to the start of the second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-06.

Brasil 1 has taken on two very experienced ocean adventurers for the next leg. Marcel van Trieste (NED) replaces Adrienne Cahalan (AUS) as the navigator and had his first outing on the boat for the in-port race on Boxing Day. Van Trieste brings a wealth of experience to the boat and with three Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Races under his belt he beefs up the ocean experience onboard.

Norwegian Knut Frostad also joins the Brasil 1 crew for the Southern Ocean legs. Another three times round the world sailor, competing twice alongside Van Triest, Frostad comes onboard as one of the watch captains replacing Horacio Carabelli (BRA) who will remain ashore for this leg.

ABN AMRO ONE, the lead boat in the Volvo Ocean Race, also sees a crew
replacement with British sailor Brian Thompson standing in for an injured Mark Christensen (NZ), who sustained an arm and wrist injury whilst training in Spain. Thompson is no stranger to the Southern Ocean or sailing around the world having seen victory last year in the Oryx Quest, a non-stop circumnavigation of the globe. Added to this, is a wealth of experience in Open 60’s and maxi catamarans.

Other changes include the addition of three times Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Race sailor Matt Humphries to the crew of the newly named ING Real Estate Brunel (formerly Sunergy and Friends). British sailor Humphries will replace Campbell Field (NZ) as the navigator onboard the Australian entry while Gareth Cooke (NZ) replaces Graeme Taylor.

The final two crew changes are within Ericsson Racing Team and Pirates of the Caribbean; Irish sailor Damien Foxall, who competed onboard Tyco in the 2001-02 Volvo Ocean Race, has replaced Tony Kolb (GER) on Ericsson and Anthony Merrington (AUS) replaces Olympic bronze medallist Fredrik Loof of Sweden on Pirates of the Caribbean.

Movistar and ABN AMRO TWO are the only two boats not to have made any crew changes on leg two.

Whilst most people recover from their New Year’s over indulgence the crews of the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-06 will be enjoying their last fresh nutritional meals, final cold beer and warm bed before heading out into the Southern Ocean on Monday 2 January for one of the most challenging and gruelling legs of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Leg two gets underway at 13 00 in Table Bay. To follow the ride through the Southern Ocean log onto

Crew lists for Leg Two
(Cape Town – Melbourne 6,100nm)

Mike Sanderson (NZ) – Skipper
Stan Honey (USA) – Navigator
Brad Jackson (NZ)
Brian Thompson (GBR) [replaces Mark Christensen (NZ)]
Tony Mutter (NZ)
Sidney Gavignet (FRA)
David Endean (NZ)
Jan Dekker (RSA)
Robert Greenhalgh (GBR)
Justin Slattery (IRL)

Sebastien Josse (FRA) – Skipper
Simon Fisher (GBR) – Navigator
Andrew Lewis (USA)
George Peet (USA)
Gerd Jan Poortman (NED)
Hans Horrevoets (NED)
Luke Molloy (AUS)
Nick Bice (AUS)
Scott Beavis (NZ)
Simeon Tienpont (NED)

Brasil 1
Torben Grael (BRA) – Skipper
Marcel Van Trieste (NED) – Navigator [replaces Adrienne Cahalan (AUS)]
Andrι Fonseca (BRA)
Andy Meiklejohn (NZ)
Henrique Pellicano (BRA)
Joγo Signorini (BRA)
Marcelo Ferreira (BRA)
Roberto Bermudez (ESP)
Stuart Wilson (NZ)
Knut Frostad (NOR) [replaces Horacio Carabelli (BRA)]

Ericsson Racing Team
Neal McDonald (GBR) – Skipper
Steven Hayles (GBR) – Navigator
Damien Foxall (IRL) [replaces Anton Kolb (GER)]
David Rolfe (NZ)
Guillermo Altadill (ESP)
Jason Carrington (GBR)
Magnus Woxen (SWE)
Richard Mason (NZ)
Thomas Braidwood (AUS)
Timothy Powell (GBR)

ING Real Estate Brunel
Grant Wharington (AUS) – Skipper
Matthew Humphries (GBR) – Navigator [replaces Campbell Field (NZ)]
Gareth Cooke (NZ) [replaces Graeme Taylor (AUS)]
Ian Walker (AUS)
Jeffery Scott (NZ)
Mark Bartlett (GBR)
Fraser Brown (NZ)
Adam Hawkins (AUS)
Mark Fullerton (AUS)
Ben Jones (AUS)

Bouwe Bekking (NED) – Skipper
Andrew Cape (AUS) – Navigator
Chris Nicholson (AUS)
Jonathan Swain (USA)
Mike Joubert (RSA)
Noel Drennan (IRL)
Pepe Ribes (ESP)
Peter Doriean (AUS)
Stu Bannatyne (NZ)
Xabier Fernandez (ESP)

Pirates of the Caribbean
Paul Cayard (USA) – Skipper
Jules Salter (GBR) – Navigator
Craig Satterthwaite (NZ)
Curtis Blewett (CAN)
Erle William (NZ)
Anthony Merrington (AUS) [replaces Fredrik Loof (SWE)]
Justin Clougher (AUS)
Justin Ferris (NZ)
Rodney Ardern (NZ)
Dirk de Ridder (NED)

Current Leaderboard
[position/team name/skipper/race points to date]
1st TEAM ABN AMRO ONE, Mike Sanderson (NZL) 15 pts
2nd Brasil 1, Torben Grael (BRA) 12.5 pts
3rd TEAM ABN AMRO TWO, Sebastien Josse (FRA) 12 pts
4th Ericsson Racing Team Neal McDonald (GBR) 11.5 pts
5th Movistar, Bouwe Bekking (NED) 6 pts
6th Pirates of the Caribbean, Paul Cayard (USA) 5 pts
6th ING Real Estate Brunel, Grant Wharington (AUS) 5 pts

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