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Rig Inspection Revisited

The seasons have changed and the boats are here for the winter. What a collection we have at Torresen Marine. I can’t help but to consider each boat it’s own “Pandora’s box”. How does one consider the condition of these fine yachts? As a boat owner, do you ever think of the status of each system on your boat? How do we organize that train of thought? Well I have one answer. Now is the time to request a rig inspection.

Simply put, a rig inspection is a comprehensive examination of your boat’s rigging and if your boat is on Torresen Marine property the rig inspection is only $75.00. What does that mean? Let’s consider the following areas.

Inspections above deck level
Mast head
Headstay and furling system
Standing rigging (shrouds and stays)
Sail track
Running rigging (halyards, running back stays, etc.)
Mast lighting

Inspections at deck level
Rig tuning
Mast collar
Mast step
Furling hardware
Boom, gooseneck, and vang
Mast section
Deck hardware
Life lines

All these areas are represented on our rig inspection report. Each area comes with a description of what a rigger is looking for and finding. In the end you’ll receive up to a five-page report. This will organize the condition of your boat in a way that allows you to make decisions pertaining to its maintenance and up-keep for the coming season. The cover page has suggestions for serious repairs and suggestions for improvements.

With this document in hand one can easily make rational plans for maintenance in a well-organized manner. Feel free to contact the Torresen Marine Service Department to discuss your needs. Now is the time to have these systems inspected and plan for a safe and enjoyable 2006 season.

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