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Breitling MedCup TP52 2006 Preview

A provisional schedule for the 2006 Breitling MEDCUP TP52 Circuit 2006 was announced on Thursday 27th Oct. during the presentation of the XII Breitling Regatta, which took place at the Barcelona International Boat Show. The Breitling Regatta itself is one of the confirmed events for the 2006 Circuit.

The Breitling MEDCUP plans to open the Circuit with the first event to be held in Punta Ala, Italy, from 22nd – 27th May. The fleet will then move to Barcelona for the second event in the Circuit, to be held from 5th – 9th July. The third event will be the Breitling Regatta, which will be held in Puerto Portals from the 19th – 23rd July. The next event will be held just one week after, which will be the Copa del Rey in Palma de Mallorca from 29th July – 6th August. The TP52s will then meet in Athens for the fifth event, from the 19th – 27th August, with the Circuit drawing to a close in a final event in Ibiza, which will be from 18th – 23rd September 2006.

José Félix García, the Head of Communication for the Breitling MEDCUP TP52, explained that much care was being taken when choosing the dates for the Circuit. This was so that the events would not clash with the Volvo Ocean Race, or the America’s Cup Acts, as many of the owners and sailors are also participating in these competitions.

Javier Pomar, the Director General of Cronomar (Head of Breitling, Spain) was enthusiastic about the growth of the Circuit for the coming season. Pomar reminded everyone of the energy and enthusiasm that all those who have participated have brought to the project. Preparations for next year’s Circuit are well underway.

We can also reveal that for next year the number of teams due to participate in the Circuit will be almost double that of this year, with 20 boats already confirming their presence. As well as the stars of this year’s Circuit, LEXUS QUANTUM, CAIXA GALICIA, BRIBON, ORLANDA, ATALANTI, BAMBAKOU, CRISTABELLA, AIFOS, SIEMENS, PATCHES and SJAMBOK, new vessels will also be joining the fleet. Countries such as Germany, Austria, Spain, with one new vessel, and Holland, with two new teams, England, Ireland, Norway and the USA have all confirmed their participation in the Breitling MEDCUP 2006.

Among the new teams to take part in the 2006 edition of the Breitling MEDCUP are the Dutch team Sotto Vocce and Mean Machine, the Germans Pinta, Norway’s Fram, and the English team Stay Calm. Also joining the fleet are the Americans Rush and Warpath – who will have almost all of the Emirates Team New Zealand onboard. Among the Spaniards to look out for in next year’s Circuit, will be Inaki Castaner’s team Ono, following the purchase of the Breitling MEDCUP 2005’s winning vessel, Pisco Sour with Vasco Vascotto.

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