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Hurricane Wilma Stirs Boat Show Discussions

The 46th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2005 show will open on Thursday, November 3. The show will run through Sunday, November 6. This shorter than normal schedule was announced by Yachting Promotion’s president Kaye Pearson. Yachting Promotions, Inc. is the promoter of the show.

“After extensive meetings with city and county officials, we have resumed set up for a complete in-water and on-land display,” said Pearson. “We understand how important this annual event is for marine industry businesses large and small, not just here in South Florida but also nationally and internationally, and we felt it was vital to do everything in our power to make it happen.” Pearson said that the city was making excellent progress in its recovery from Hurricane Wilma and would be ready to welcome visitors to the show next week.

This opinion is not shared by all. The front page of the Power and Motor Yacht Magazine web site now includes a heading titled “The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Controversy.” When users click on the heading they become part of a lively online discussion about the problem with the show being rescheduled so soon. Many comments include concerns about stressing the limited resources of the community. Some vendors and regular show attendees have also expressed concern about how they can logistically arrange their equipment and people on the ground in Fort Lauderdale when basic telecommunications and electrical infrastructure is not in place.

The popular Sailing Anarchy web site posted a front page story on the topic that begins:

The Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) has gone against all reasonable logic and rescheduled for Nov. 3-5. Seems that in rescheduling rather than canceling after the detestation wrought by Wilma, and regardless of the actual outcome, they get to keep all of our money. Nice. Doesn’t matter if no one shows, that there are no boats, no hotels, possibly no power/water/sewer.

If you planned to attend the boat show and will not because of the hurricane or the delay or if you still plan to attend the rescheduled show, let us know. We want to hear your story and your opinion on this topic. Send your message to

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