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Team ABN Amro Introduces New Web Site

The site has gained a strong TEAM look and feel, is easier to navigate, and enables us to better organise and display TEAM information. In addition, the new site features new pages such as a TEAM Webshop, where fans soon will be able to order TEAM merchandise.

The choice for the black background represents the competitive spirit of the TEAM and the challenge that the Volvo Ocean Race represents for our crews in their upcoming round-the-world adventure.

The TEAM site should now be easier to navigate. TEAM visitors can easily search for information using our keyworded ‘Search’ function. You can also now navigate through the TEAM pages via the numerous cross-links on every page, including to video, pictures and audio of the crews. The homepage now shows clearly where information can be found on the site.

We strive to continually improve the TEAM website. We hope you find it as interesting to read and view as we find it to produce. The TEAM is working on several initiatives to make this website better during the race and to bring value to its fans as well as ABN AMRO employees. Should you have suggestions on how to improve the site, please go to the ‘Contact us’ link on the website, and we will take all your suggestions under consideration. You are also part of our wider ‘TEAM’!

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