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November Weather Report

n most measurable aspects November was an above normal month in Muskegon.

Temperatures for the month were .3 above norm. Warmest was 70 on the 1st. Coolest 22 on the 22nd. A warm month was foreshadowed by the first 9 days when temperatures were almost 6 above normal.

The amount of rain received in November was 3.58 inches, 13% above the normal rainfall.

The snowfall was the most above normal aspect as we received 11.7 inches, 26% or 3 inches above normal snowfall.

November’s average wind speed was 10.0 knots. November 1999 was slightly above this at 10.2 knots. The historic average is 10.6 knots meaning this was the one below normal aspect of November 2000.

Looking at wind direction the most common directions were east and NW both recorded on 17% of the days. Historically West and West North West winds have been common in November. However neither direction was observed in November 2000.

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